Day 1 of 31 Days of Journal Prompts for Moms by HipHomeschooling

Recently I’ve been looking for some fun, playful journal prompts to try. I like the idea of something to use to unwind at night that doesn’t require enormous amounts of thought. I was having trouble finding anything that matched what I was looking for, though; everything was either too childish or too serious. But then I stumbled across something perfect: 31 Days of Journal Prompts for Moms by HipHomeschooling. They’re absolutely perfect: they’re playful, funny, and really give an insight into my everyday life. Rebecca, the author over at Hip Homeschooling, even agreed to let me feature them here!


I’m a day late on starting, so here’s my Day One:


Let me set the scene of my living room right now: My toddler is standing at his bookshelf, where I keep his books (of course) and most of his toys. The best, most expensive toys are on the lower shelves so he can get to them easier. You know the ones: the kind that make enough noise to drown out your requests that they stop throwing things, are just colorful enough to give  you a mild headache, and are just dense enough to hurt when you stub your toes on them when you’re in a hurry.

But is my son playing with those expensive, annoying toys? Nope. He’s reaching for the ‘toys’ on the higher shelves (and grunting at me until I get them down for him). These are the ones he has claimed from around the house: the silicone whisk, the wooden soup spoon, the empty water bottle, the cheetah-print glove, and the empty pack of wet wipes.

I really wish someone had told me sooner not to waste money on those toys I’ve kind of come to hate, and that my kid doesn’t play with much, anyway. He would much rather leave those heaps of bulky plastic on the shelf and go exploring, instead. Since my whole home is babyproofed (thankfully, it doesn’t take long to babyproof a two-bedroom apartment), I pretty much let him roam wherever he wants. The only place I don’t let him go is the bathroom, which is of course the place he most wants to go; the cabinet under the sink is like a dragon’s treasure trove to him.

I’ve also saved a ton of money by joining local Facebook yardsale pages and just waiting to see what people are selling. Just this week I found a barely-used Fisher-Price Stride-to-Ride puppy (regular $59 at Wal-Mart), which is exactly what I wanted to get for my son’s birthday this month, for $15!

So my advice to new parents is this: Don’t feel bad for not buying all the latest, most expensive baby toys. They’d rather play with your hairbrush, anyway.

Be on the lookout for my Day Two post, and feel free to share yours below!


This series is part of a 31 day journaling challenge by @hiphomeschooling. Learn more here and use the hashtag #momjournalingchallenge if you post!

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