Day 2: #KidsAreFunny



Welcome to Day Two! I’m so excited to do this that I’m actually writing it before I finish my first cup of coffee. Here goes:


My son has to be the most bullheaded kid on the planet. He started running (well, crawling) away from diaper changes within days of learning how; he won’t take ‘no’ for an answer when he sees someone eating food and demands a bite; and he thinks it’s hilarious to slap, pull hair, and knock his dad’s glasses right off his face. The one that gets me the most, though? He only says ‘momma’ when he’s crying. He’ll say ‘dada’ all day long, but as soon as I start trying to get him to say ‘momma’ when he’s in a good mood, he’ll just look at me like I’m crazy and say, ‘huh?’. Sometimes he’ll even just grunt at me or say ‘dada’ louder, like ‘momma’ doesn’t even warrant a response!

I’ll be honest, at first I was kind of offended. What was so great about dada, when momma is the one that stays home with him all day? After all the hard work I do, why can’t I just get one ‘momma’ when he isn’t screaming at me? But then I started noticing all the adorable, hilarious things he does with me that he won’t do around his dad: he sticks his tongue out at me, fake sneezes and expects me to do it back, and leans his head against me when he’s tired (when he’s tired around his dad, he just cries–not nearly as cute). So I’ve finally decided that kids are just funny that way: they know you want them to do something so they feign total ignorance. That’s the lesson to be learned here, right? …Right?

If you take anything away from this post, it should be this: Don’t be upset if your kid only says ‘dada’. Just be glad their first word wasn’t a curse word (you know, from the one time you let it slip). 


Be on the lookout for my Day Three post, and feel free to share yours below!


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