Day 4: #KidsAreCrazy



My son is pretty independent. He’ll be a year old tomorrow(!!!), and he has no problem playing on his own for an hour or more at a time. Recently, he even started going in his room and shutting the door behind him before starting to play, so now I have to prop it open. Sometimes I’ll try to play with him and he’ll push me away to continue doing whatever he was doing (which, I’ll admit, hurts my feelings a bit–but hey, it’s a great way to force me to stop procrastinating on those chores!).

Last Monday, though, I started babysitting a little boy from seven a.m. to four p.m., and all of a sudden my independent little boy is Velcroed to leg! He likes playing with the little boy, who’s almost exactly a year older than him, but I have to be right there with him or he has a meltdown. And I kind of understand; I mean, all of a sudden mommy is doing stuff with another baby instead of him! He must be pretty confused.

This morning, the little boy was dropped off as usual. There were a few tears because he’s still getting used to it, but he calmed down pretty quickly. My son was following him around (which he usually does, as long as I’m near), and all of a sudden he stood up–which he’s been doing for a few months–and took two steps! 

I’ve said before that my kid is stubborn, right? This is a perfect example of that. He started crawling at about six months, was pulling up on things a few weeks later, and was standing on his own by nine months. But then he just kind of stopped. He won’t walk when you hold his hands, although he will walk while holding onto the edge of the couch. I’ve had a suspicion for a while that he can, he’s just too scared to; every time I try to get him to walk, he starts whining and clings to the floor. But now all of a sudden my crazy kid is taking steps after only three days of  seeing this little boy walk! Apparently seeing literally everyone else around him walking wasn’t enough. I guess I should have let myself by overwhelmed by chasing around two toddlers sooner, huh? He could have been walking months ago!


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