Day 5: #LoveThisKid



It’s so surreal that my baby boy is a year old today. I always said I wouldn’t be the parent that would get sad on their kid’s birthday because I would focus on all the cool new stuff they were doing and learning, but I was totally wrong. Knowing someday that my baby won’t fake sneeze at me anymore, or play peekaboo, or make me chase him around on my hands on knees, makes me sad. I want my beer-bellied, chubby-cheeked baby to stay a baby forever.

But I’m also super excited to watch him learn new things and become his own independent little person even more than he already is. My husband and I were so excited when we found out our prayers had been answered: after over a year of trying to conceive, we were finally pregnant! The pregnancy was pretty rough and had quite a few complications (I ended up being on complete bed-rest for almost the entire pregnancy!), but it has been an amazing journey. Watching him smile for the first time, giggling in his sleep, crawling, standing up, to taking his first shaky steps just a few days ago has been the most worthwhile thing I’ve done in my life. This little guy has been such a blessing to us.

So happy birthday, my (not-so-) baby boy! Mommy loves you!

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