Day 6: #MomFriends



About two months ago, I made my first ‘mom friend’ (Yes, it took me almost a year. I don’t get out much). On this particular day, my son was just not happy, no matter what I tried. He didn’t want his favorite toy, he didn’t want to play in the bathtub, and he didn’t want to ‘fold laundry’ with me (a game he usually loves). He didn’t want to be held, but he most definitely didn’t want to be on the ground, either. So, after a sudden burst of inspiration, I decided to take him outside to play.

I took him out to the square, where there were a few elementary-school-aged kids playing. I sat my son down in the grass and sat down next to him. All was fine for a few seconds…and then he started to scream. Why would he start screaming? you’re probably asking yourself. Well, let me tell you:

My son is scared of grass.

So, in an attempt to solve the problem, I put him in my lap. He was content for a minute, but then he decided he wanted to sit in the grass after all. He crawled out of my lap, sat in the grass for about 0.25 seconds, then started to cry again. Because…grass.

I was at a loss. Nothing was making him happy today, and I was out of ideas. I’ll be honest here: I just sat there in the grass and stared at my crying son for a few moments. I was dumbfounded.

Suddenly, like manna from Heaven, a sympathetic mom appeared with her son, who turned out to be only two months older than mine. She sat down next to me, put her son in the grass beside her (thankfully, he isn’t afraid of grass) and pulled my son into her lap. My son loves meeting new people, so this pulled him out of his inconsolable grumpiness. We commiserated over weird stuff kids do sometimes (her son is afraid of hats!) and a friendship was born.

#MomFriends are vitally important, and I wish I had found one sooner. They’re there for you when your feelings are hurt because your baby didn’t want a hug, and they know exactly how you feel when you want to tear your hair out after a particularly fussy day. They also won’t judge you when you say you would really like a glass of wine during naptime. So go out and approach the nearest frazzled, baby-food-stained, sweatpants-wearing momma you can find and make a friend! Trust me, she’ll be a lifesaver.



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