Finger Foods for Late Teethers

Toddler-Friendly Finger Foods

By the time my son was ten months old, he was so over baby food. Every time he would see me eat, he’d start reaching and crying for my food, but would still turn down his own. The main barrier to feeding him ‘real’ food was that he had no teeth! Even now, at thirteen months, he only has two teeth that are barely even visible. A lot of the food I was eating was simply too hard for his poor little gums, or wasn’t easily mashable. Luckily, after walking through every grocery aisle in Wal-Mart, I found quite a few new ideas for finger foods he could feed himself. They also require little to no prep, which is great for me!

Finger Foods for Late Teethers

Frozen Baby Food Drops

Since my son started refusing baby food, I have tons of containers sitting in the pantry. Thankfully, a friend recommended these to me. They’re a huge hit with my son! They’re great for teething or to help your toddler to learn to feed themselves!

  1. Put baby food in a ziploc bag
  2. Cut off the very tip of one corner to make a piping bag
  3. Squeeze small drops onto a cookie sheet
  4. Put in freezer for about 24 hours

Other Tips

  • Stay away from cereals like Chex unless you want a huge mess! They crumble very easily.
  • Mandarin orange segments can be pretty slippery, so if your little one is having problems keeping them in their mouths, try cutting them in half.
  • Make sure the sweet potato fries aren’t too crispy.

Hopefully these ideas will get satisfy your late teething toddlers. Comment below with your favorites, or suggest some new ideas!

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