When You Feel Like Everything is Going Wrong

I have had an awful week. My son is teething and we both have a stomach virus; I found an ant colony under my fridge; it’s finals week in school; and my husband dropped his cell phone in paint (again!). I feel like everything is going wrong all at once. But you know what? That’s just life. I have to keep reminding myself that it won’t last forever. When everything seems to keep going wrong for you all at once, the most important thing to do is keep your head up and pray to God for help in pulling through.

Sometimes that is much easier said than done. To help out all of those who feel as I do, I made a guided Bible journal. Filled with verses and journal prompts, it will help you give your problems to the Lord and stay positive. Just head over to my shop and get it (I promise it’s very affordable).

I also want to extend an open invitation to everyone to comment below with whatever is currently overwhelming you. Whether or not you’re looking for advice, just getting it off our chest can be a tremendous help!

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    1. Samantha

      I sympathize; it really is hard to hand it over. I’m so glad you were able to! Hopefully you don’t have another week like that any time soon, but if you do, feel free to try out my free guided Bible journal.

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